Our original, fine art is found in numerous private and public collections.We have a common interest: creating fine art. We have a common passion: to transform this interest into a lucrative career.

Casual conversations evolved into specific plans to organize ourselves into a committed association of local artists who would support each other as we focused on investigating the most effective means to market our art collectively locally and beyond. United by our love of the creative process, we continue to exhibit our works in oils, acrylics, watercolours, and mixed media. The past ten years has seen our exhibitions at John B. Aird Gallery Toronto, the Markham Theatre Gallery, the Orillia Museum of Art, the Simcoe County Museum, the Edge Gallery , the Barrie Golf and Country Club, Peter St. Gallery Orillia, and most recently the Art and Home Studio gallery Orillia.

Canadian150muralGallery 1
“Our Canada”

We are a group of 9 artists with 9 unique perspectives. Our focus is not only to explore the creative process, but to exhibit our artwork in the strength that tells a story as a group. 
Our work can be seen in ongoing and special exhibitions. Of special note, the Bayside artists recently collaborated to create a commemorative mosaic, called Our Canada, to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.


Original art for sale

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