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Artist Illustrator:

Beginning at an early age, his fascination with art and architecture developed into a career which combines them both. Since graduating from Central Technical School in 1974 David Crighton has been recording the architectural diversity of Toronto & Southern Ontario with his distinctive style.

Consequently you can explore the extensive and ever expanding catalogue of images on this website. Pen and ink drawings with the addition of bright acrylic paint are the basic ingredients of David’s art-making techniques.

In addition to that, he utilizes computer software to enhance the finished products by the insertion of custom lettering on various elements of the design such as billboards, newsboxes and marquees. Corporate identities can be inserted in the form of company vehicles and logos. All the images on this site are available in any proportional size, as large as posters and small as note cards. Anything is possible.

The artwork represented on this website are printed by David in his studio on acid-free paper using archival quality inks.

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Original art for sale

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