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The Orillia Fine Arts Association is a local community of professional and amateur artists, photographers, and artisans and has been promoting and supporting fine art in the Orillia area since 1997. It is a vital part of the creative pulse of the region and benefits for members include:

■ Monthly opportunities to display and sell artwork in any of O.F.A.A.’s affiliated venues around Orillia. Each O.F.A.A. exhibit lasts for 1-3 months and a wide range of styles and mediums are welcomed! Our display venues include Hibernation Arts and the Orillia Opera House.

■ Monthly meetings/events where members can engage, share, and socialize within O.F.A.A.’s artistic community while taking in a presentation on any number of art-related subjects, including talks and demonstrations from award-winning local artists and product learning demonstrations.

■ A profile on O.F.A.A.’s website where members can display their art and provide communication and personal website links.

■ Opportunities to participate in workshops and special projects put on by O.F.A.A., such as the O.F.A.A. member’s calendar, the Postcard Project, and product learning demonstrations.

For further information about O.F.A.A: Contact

ARTWORK – NOVEMBER 2022 EXHIBIT – Artwork photos by M.J. Pollak and R.L. Marschall

Original art for sale

“Art for the emotion. Art for your home. Hibernation Arts has what you are looking for. All art work is for sale at Hibernation Arts Shop and Gallery. Come in and browse.”